About Us

Our history starts from 1989 when Naarden Agro Products BV  was founded and started off by trading various agricultural and dairy products. Since 1994, we have specialized in the processing and sales of various Caseins. For this reason, an own processing plant was founded in Poland in 1995.

During 2013 the factory in Poland, was taken over by a Polish dairy trading company and the name was changed into NAARDEN POLSKA LTD.

Combination of the areas of production, trade together with our solid knowledge helps us fully support our customers and build long lasting cooperation. NAARDEN has already earned a worldwide reputation as a reputable and reliable business partner, with its whole chain of sourcing, processing and sales within one organisation.

Vision of Naarden:

  • Knowledge of casein and other milk powders production technologies
  • Logistics experience
  • Reliable quality because of constant quality control and experience in the quality testing
  • Knowledge of customers requirements worldwide
  • Ability to optimize the usage of raw materials most effective to meet the clients wishes
  • Open communication with our clients also by means of regular visits